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trace smart can

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  • no matter where you are on your journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle, the trace smart can is a great next step! to unlock early bird pricing, pre-order for $385 (30% off retail price), or put down a deposit of $30 (and get 20% off retail price). your deposit is fully refundable, and you will be emailed to complete your payment before we are ready to ship. these options ensure you will be one of the first to receive your trace smart can!


    • dedicated bins for trash, recycling, and food waste inside a handsome brushed stainless steel can
    • frozen food waste bin to prevent smell, mess, and pests
    • automatic alerts: bin is full and needs to be emptied (no more nagging!), it's trash pick-up day, and liners need to be reordered (or set-up auto reorders)
    • real time insight into your household's current waste output
    • customized plan and guidance toward improved sustainability. it's about progress, not perfection! 

    specifications: dimensions: 24.5"H x 23.5"W x 14.5"D. 43lbs. power: 110v/60hz. wifi: 2.4ghz. sound level: 34dBa. estimated yearly electricity use: 92kWh. patent pending.

    the trace smart can and app will ship early 2021. pre-order now for a discount, or sign up below to stay in the loop.

  • do I need a plug my trace smart can into a wall outlet? yes, you will need to place your unit near a standard 3 prong wall outlet in your kitchen for power.

    how much electricity does trace use? very little. your electricity cost for using trace will be less than $1 / month.

    will the trace smart can hold all my waste? yes, the trace smart can was designed to be the size of a large trash can. the total volume of all three bins is over 60L. separating your waste into each bin should help you take the trash out less often.

    what about bin liners? your trace smart can will arrive with a few weeks worth of liners for each bin. the trace app will remind you when you are running low and need to order more. the average household will use about $7 of liners per month.

    how is the trace smart can connected?  after downloading the trace app and plugging the trace smart can in, it will go into pairing mode. then you will connect it to your iOS or android device via bluetooth. from there you will set up trace on your wifi.

    how does trace automate our household trash reminders? when you first login to the trace app, you will select your trash day, pick someone to take out the trash, and pick someone to take the trash to the street on trash day. the trace app will remind everyone of their chores (so no more nagging!)


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    trace comes with a 3 year warranty.


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