Trace Smart Can



life is busy. sustainability should be easy.

there are better ways to get in your steps than walking around the kitchen to each of your waste bins! the trace smart can replaces your trash can, compost pail, and recycling bin with one place to collect all three. whether you are recycling the cans from dinner’s ingredients, raking in the vegetable ends from the cutting board, or cleaning the leftover food scraps from the plates, trace gives you one place for all of your waste behaviors. it’s so convenient, the whole family can use it.

we know how chores work. it’s someone’s job to take out the trash… and it’s someone’s job to remind that person to take out the trash. no more reminding. just tell the trace app whose job it is to take out the trash and what day your curbside pick-up is, and trace will take care of the rest!

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