Trace Smart Can



global warming stinks, your trash doesn't have to.

trash doesn’t stink! rotting food waste does. on top of the stench, this food attracts fruit flies and other unwanted pests into your trash can or compost bin or caddy. so you end up being forced to dump the food waste into your backyard composter or your curbside pick-up bin daily, and cleaning out the messy kitchen compost bin every time. chances are, if you’ve tried home composting before and given up it’s because of this. (it stinks, literally.)

this is why the trace smart can has a dedicated food waste bin, separate from the trash and recycling, that keeps your organic waste frozen. this freezing technology ensures your food waste bin stays odorless until the bin is full and you are ready to take it outside. our custom bin liners ensure easy removal and disposal of each bin’s contents, keeping your trace smart can so fresh and so clean.

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